Grab 10 Friends and Host a Sip & Click

When we were introduced to the lovely ladies from we couldn’t resist learning more about their online boutique and their unique twist on shopping consciously for your body type. As we all know, the online shopping experience has become increasingly popular. It’s much cozier and convenient to grab your cup of tea or glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed and shop for groceries, kid stuff, housewares and the latest trends (all from underneath your duvet). But if you don’t know your measurements or how each brand fits, it can be difficult to make the best selections and you end up with an abundance of annoying returns.

Smithery Style has created a new way to shop for clothes online. They are a Canadian based e-boutique where the best basics for every body and shape are curated, styled and modeled on real women. They take the guesswork out of style, size and fit by supplying the measurements for every model and every item in every size.  Since their launch earlier this year they are representing a collection of small designers predominantly out of LA and there are whispers about some exciting new North American designers coming down the pipeline for their customers.

Rena & Mavis, the chief Stylesmiths, have backgrounds in advertising, branding, and design. In the process of helping clients succeed online, it became obvious to them that there was a gap in the fashion industry. For categories like food or travel, going online gave consumers the tools and services to shop like an expert would. But so many style blogs and e-retailers were still such a buzz kill! They weren’t helping people make choices. Instead they were just offering more choice.

At what they refer to as a “Sip&Click”, Mavis and Rena bring their boutique to you. In an attempt to get up close and personal with their future customers and give us the touchy-feely part of shopping that’s lost in the online experience they will take your measurements, help you define your body type and offer tips for what works best on your frame. And all of this can happen in the comfort of your own home while sipping champagne. YES PLEASE!

Smithery_Style_1 Smithery_Style_2 Smithery_Style_3 Smithery_Style_4

We recently hosted 10 girlfriends for one of these events and truthfully it’s just a lot of fun! The prices are affordable, our goods were packaged right there on the spot, and the ladies from Smithery provided us with some styling tips specific to our purchases. It’s a win win as far as we are concerned. To top it off, they had accessories available, as well as Turkish Bath Towels (our fav!).

Smithery_Style_5 Smithery_Style_6 Smithery_Style_7 Smithery_Style_8

We were delighted to partner with our favourite hair stylist George Gogos, as well as Ruth Brown of Green Beauty. They added some spice to the night by providing hair tips and a little touch up with clean, healthy and safe beauty products.

Smithery_Style_2509 Smithery_Style_2512 Smithery_Style_2513 Smithery_Style_2515 Smithery_Style_2516 Smithery_Style_2530 Smithery_Style_2534 Smithery_Style_2536 Smithery_Style_2539 Smithery_Style_2544 Smithery_Style_2548 Smithery_Style_2549 Smithery_Style_2556 Smithery_Style_2557 Smithery_Style_2559 Smithery_Style_2560 Smithery_Style_2571 Smithery_Style_2573 Smithery_Style_2579 Smithery_Style_2581 Smithery_Style_2596 Smithery_Style_2598 Smithery_Style_2600 Smithery_Style_2609 Smithery_Style_2610 Smithery_Style_2613 Smithery_Style_2617 Smithery_Style_2621 Smithery_Style_2624 Smithery_Style_2634 Smithery_Style_2640 Smithery_Style_2647 Smithery_Style_2650 Smithery_Style_2652 Smithery_Style_2653 Smithery_Style_2656 Smithery_Style_2665 Smithery_Style_2669 Smithery_Style_2670 Smithery_Style_2672 Smithery_Style_2674 Smithery_Style_2676 Smithery_Style_2678 Smithery_Style_2683 Smithery_Style_2684 Smithery_Style_2685 Smithery_Style_2701 Smithery_Style_2703

Happy Shopping Mamas

Alison & Tracy

All images captured by Tara West