At Home With Jessica Mulroney

Stylish, warm and involved; as you speak with Jessica Mulroney in her easy presence, you become quickly aware of her array of accomplishments.

I met Jessica in passing at a mutual friend’s party about four years ago, shortly after I had my daughter and she had her twins. As new moms we got talking about motherhood and in her typical friendly nature Jessica invited me out to a class for moms and babies she was hosting at the time.

Tracy and I recently had the pleasure of spending a casual morning at home with Jessica and her 3 beautiful children. With twin boys John and Brian and baby girl Isabella (who they call Ivy) the Mulroney household is a busy one.

We had the chance to take a few casual snaps of this sweet crew and of course get the scoop on what this busy mama has been up to. Here are a few snippets from our conversation:

Tell us about your role at Kleinfeld:

When I first started I was hired to wear many hats and help with everything. My role has narrowed slightly and now I do Public Relations, Social Media and Special Projects.

What is The Shoe Box Project?

The Shoe Box Project is based on a charity that my mom and her friend started years ago in Montreal. It was very grassroots and basically based on women helping women. The concept was simple.  Find a shoebox and fill it with little luxuries (a lipstick, mascara or cute scarf) and deliver it to a shelter.  My mom noticed that there was a hole in the charity world and there wasn’t anyone doing anything to show some love to women in shelters. It was as though they had been forgotten. Fast forward to 2010, my sister in laws & I here in Toronto started our own chapter supporting The Red Door Shelter for women. It has been an incredible journey to watch so many of the women we know step up and support other women in providing them with a little bit of luxury during difficult times.  The holidays are an especially challenging time to be in a shelter, receiving a gift is a simple pleasure that can remind someone that there is a person out there thinking of them.

What helps you stay organized?

Hands down the calendar on my iphone. I used to be able to fly by the seat of my pants, but now I have to put everything in my calendar, although I’m not sure you ever feel super organized when you are a mom juggling the chaos.

Where in the city do you and Ben escape to for quality time?

This is something that we make an effort to do.  If Ben and I don’t take the time to connect then everything crumbles. It takes literally 45 minutes to an hour to just get caught up. We love John and Sons.  We head over there, order some oysters and a glass of wine and chat. When we are home we are in mom and dad mode and there is no “us” time. If we have more time to spare we love the “staycation”. Sometimes when I go away the prep and coordinating makes me more exhausted than when I left. We went to the Shangri-La for our 5th anniversary and had the most fabulous time.

What is your favourite thing to do with the kids in Toronto?

We love going out for breakfast on Saturdays. We either go to our local diner for a relaxed breakfast or spice it up at the Four Seasons for something a little fancier. We also love taking the kids to Oriole Park.

Photography Credit: Paul Alexander


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