Meet Justin Murray

It occurred to me recently that my kids skating skills may be slipping.  I got them both out on the ice a few times at a very young age, it was back breaking for me and more frustrating than productive and in all honestly we haven’t made lessons a priority.  While we are probably the furtherest thing from a hockey family I do believe that skating is a skill that my kids should master.  Who wants to be the kid on the class trip that can’t skate? Skating is such a wonderful winter activity here in Toronto or when you are travelling to those gorgeous winter destinations around the globe.  I have discovered the most amazing skating club in Toronto and I wanted to share our experience for those of you looking to get your kids on the ice.  

Justin Murray is a busy Toronto Dad who runs JUSTIN MURRAY SKATING CLUB.  As a former elite level hockey player and current elementary school teacher, he realizes the importance of creating an ideal setting for children to learn and improve their skating skills. With a positive, engaging and supportive environment that fosters risk taking, children are more likely to master skills and excel in their learning.  His program offers a unique approach, tiny class sizes (2:1 ratio) and an exceptional facility (an Olympic-sized ice pad that is only 1 of 4 in Ontario!).  I adore the way they incorporate imaginative play on the ice for the tots who are unable to even stand up when they first start. It appears to eliminate the frustration that beginners can be plagued with.

There’s a Spring session starting on March 18 and it runs for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings at 10:30am.  If you have multiple children it’s a bonus to get them in a simultaneous session. This giant ice pad can accommodate the programs for 2-12 year olds all in the same hour.  If you mention #THEMONARCHMAGPROMO Justin will save you the HST on your registration.

Happy Skating

Alison x