Moving Indoors For The Winter with IDELLO

.12 . 6 . 2016


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Idello website with the help of a friend and we are continuing to enjoy our exploration of this French content in our house.

Screen time for children is controversial in the world of parenting. I totally get it, we shouldn’t just plop our kids in front of the television, iPad, desktop or iPhone for extended periods of time. In our house (just like most), we are busy. We have a revolving door of friends and family coming to play and dine, lots of free play time and my kids do extra curricular and of course go to school. That said, I don’t feel guilty allowing Hudson and Owen watch a movie or play a game for a period of time for some “down time”. We have been interacting with the content on IDELLO and it’s been so fun to watch them connecting at home with the French they are practicing at school. Since my knowledge of French is minimal this has been a nice way to bring it home for them. In my dreams, I would spend a year doing some on line tutorials and “brush up” on my second lanugage. But who’s kidding who? That just ain’t happening at the moment. So a site like this permits parents like me a chance to bring French into the home in an easy and organized fashion. Owen just watched a few episodes of La famille Berenstain (The Berenstain Bears) while I whipped up tonights meal. For me, that’s a win win.

The resources on IDELLO are divided by age and provided in sections for Educators, Students and Parents. It’s extremely comprehensive and user friendly. With the holidays around the corner and kids off for a few weeks it’s a wonderful time to let them test out this amazing online space between all of the commitments, parties and school concerts a little downtime is welcomed in my opinion. Click the link at the bottom of these posts for a free two month subscription and have fun testing it out with your little ones.



11 . 23 . 20016

Hey Mamas! Anyone else already starting to long for those careless summer evenings?  We all know there’s a long winter ahead of us where more playtime happens indoors whether we like it or not.  I’m always on the hunt for new and exciting indoor activities and if we can make them educational – all the better!

My kids don’t go to French Immersion but they are both in school programs where they participate in French class on a daily basis. I’m incredibly happy that they are experiencing another language and I hope their teachers can help them cultivate a love for languages. It has always been a regret of mine that I only speak English.  I still wonder if it’s too late for me;)

I believe a way to keep the momentum going for the kids is by bringing other languages into our home. This can be difficult when you don’t speak them yourself. My girlfriend recently introduced me to IDELLO an amazing online space for Parents, Teachers, and Students. It’s filled with interactive activities and resources to make learning French a fun experience. Hudson and Owen have been testing it out for the last few weeks and are loving the French that Mama brought in for them. Win win!!

Click here for a complimentary 2-month subscription to try it out!


Photo Cred: Emily Ulmer